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Movie of 2016 102 min. Released

Eye in the Sky Full movie

Sinopsis : Eye in the Sky

Eye in the Sky full movie online. A military officer in command of a drone operation to capture terrorists in Kenya sees her mission escalate from “capture” to “kill” just as a nine-year old girl enters the kill zone. Watch Eye in the Sky on Rainierland movies

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  • Capture of Eye in the Sky
  • Capture of Eye in the Sky
  • Capture of Eye in the Sky
  • Capture of Eye in the Sky
  • Capture of Eye in the Sky
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Trailer of Eye in the Sky


ActorHelen Mirren
Colonel Katherine Powell
ActorAaron Paul
Steve Watts
ActorAlan Rickman
Lieutenant General Frank Benson
ActorIain Glen
Foreign Secretary James Willett
ActorBarkhad Abdi
Jama Farah
ActorPhoebe Fox
Carrie Gershon
ActorKim Engelbrecht
Lucy Galvez
ActorJeremy Northam
Brian Woodale
ActorMeganne Young
ActorCarl Beukes
Sergeant Mike Gleeson
ActorMonica Dolan
Angela Northman
ActorJames Alexander
Image Analyst
ActorArmand Aucamp
ActorBabou Ceesay
Sergeant Mushtaq Saddiq
ActorFrancis Chouler
Jack Cleary
ActorKenneth Fok
Chris Lee
ActorDaniel Fox
Tom Bellamy
ActorOlga Gainullina
ActorJohn Heffernan
Major Harold Webb
ActorGraham Hopkins
Nigel Adler
ActorJessica Jones
Kate Barnes
ActorTyrone Keogh
ActorLex King
Susan Helen Danford
ActorKate Liquorish
Female Corporal
ActorRichard McCabe
Attorney General George Matherson
ActorZak Rowlands
Karl Moore
ActorJulian Stone
Voice Actor
ActorLuke Tyler
Robert Powell
ActorAisha Takow
Alia Mo'Allim
ActorEbby Weyime
ActorMondé Sibisi
Muhammad Abdisalaam
ActorGavin Hood
Lt. Colonel Ed Walsh
ActorMichael O'Keefe
Ken Stanizke


DirectorGavin Hood
DirectorMorag Cameron


EscritorGuy Hibbert

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