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Movie of 2016 116 min. Released

Arrival Full movie

Sinopsis : Arrival

Arrival full movie online. Taking place after alien crafts land around the world, an expert linguist is recruited by the military to determine whether they come in peace or are a threat. Watch Arrival on Rainierland movies

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  • Capture of Arrival
  • Capture of Arrival
  • Capture of Arrival
  • Capture of Arrival
  • Capture of Arrival
  • Capture of Arrival
  • Capture of Arrival
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Trailer of Arrival Trailer of Arrival Trailer of Arrival


ActorAmy Adams
Dr. Louise Banks
ActorJeremy Renner
Ian Donnelly
ActorForest Whitaker
Colonel Weber
ActorMichael Stuhlbarg
Agent Halpern
ActorTzi Ma
General Shang
ActorMark O'Brien
Captain Marks
ActorRussell Yuen
Chinese Scientist
ActorNathaly Thibault
Gala Guest
ActorJoe Cobden
Cryptographer #1
ActorJulian Casey
Australian Scientist
ActorPat Kiely
Environmental Tech
ActorLarry Day
Deputy Director of the CIA Dan Ryder
ActorMustafa Haidari
Foreign Correspondent
ActorAbigail Pniowsky
Hannah (8 yrs. old)
ActorJulia Scarlett Dan
Hannah (12 yrs. old)
ActorPhilippe Hartmann
Halpern's Deputy Director
ActorAndrew Shaver
Environmental Tech
ActorCarmela Nozza Guizzo
Hannah (4 yrs. old)
ActorAnana Rydvald
Danish Scientist
ActorJadyn Malone
ActorBineyam Girma
Sudanese representative
ActorShawn Campbell
News Reporter
ActorRuth Chiang
Chinese Scientist
ActorLeisa Reid
ActorBrittany Teo
Student with Smartphone
ActorChistian Jadah
Private Combs
ActorGenevieve Sirois
Cryptographer #3
ActorTammie Sutherland
Newscaster 4
ActorDaniel Esteban
Venezuelan Representative
ActorKathleen Stavert
Communications Operator #4
ActorHal Roberts
American TV News Anchor
ActorLeslie Baker
Middle aged woman
ActorMichael Nangreaves
Science Team Member #2
ActorKaren Belfo
Skype CIA Agent (uncredited)
ActorChloë Bellande
MIT College girl (uncredited)
ActorRobert D. Morais
Master Sergeant Douglas (uncredited)
ActorLaurean Adrian Parau
US Army Major (uncredited)


DirectorDenis Villeneuve
DirectorDonald Sparks


EscritorTed Chiang
EscritorEric Heisserer
EscritorSam Hudecki

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